Finlay Carson MSP

Galloway and West Dumfries

Council must stop pouring money at failed DG One



“This is a damning report which sums up the failing of the DG One project.

“As a councillor, I repeatedly asked questions on the viability of rebuilding DG One. Now we learn the repairs are going to cost more than the original construction.

“I asked council officers 2 years ago if we had reached the tipping point at which further spend on DG One would be uneconomical. Astonishingly is now clear that point was reached some years ago.

“Dumfries is a far different town to what it was when DG One was first proposed; we have seen upgrades at the Theatre Royal, the Easterbrook Hall, Loreburn Hall and at Palmerston to name a few places where excellent leisure facilities are available to locals.

“The SNP/Labour administration need to halt further work and seriously look at all options rather than pouring good money after bad.